We are Uptown moonlighting


Based out of Knoxville, Uptown Moonlighting was formed out of the core members from the successful band Private Stock and added two outstanding artists. 


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Sarena Northern
Keyboard, Vocals/ Ted Rogers
Bass / Steve Caron
Drums / Ben Landers

and featuring

Lead Vocals / Elisa J. Gillespie

 Lead guitar and vocals / Nick Spine




Uptown Moonlighting's (UM) music is a mix of many decades of rock and roll and aims to "Play music you Like and Remember" which is its motto.  The band's experience is your assurance for a great event.  UM's philosophy of great sound and perfect volume is the foundation of a wonderful experience.  Four-part harmony is one of the bands key features.  It's unique in offering 2 outstanding female lead singers, featuring several female duets and popular songs with female vocals.   The band strives to play music as you know it with offering a variety for many ages. UM's 6 members offer the ability to cover a wide variety of music. A few of the many bands music covered are: Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Journey, Pretenders, Etta James, Linda Ronstadt, Beatles, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and many other artists. Some of Uptown Moonlighting's specialties are: 4 lead singers, many years of experience in playing venues in the Knoxville area, outstanding sound with a great mix that is not over powering to its audience. You'll love the soulful vocals of lead singer, Elisa Gillespie.  UM is the answer to a successful event and a wonderful experience.


Please watch our video and know that is a true representation of the music, the musicians and what you'll be watching at your event. 


Band bio's:



Ben began playing at nine, was taught by his father, a swing era drummer. He played in bands  in High School around the Murfreesboro and Nashville area. In the 1970's in played regionally with the rock band Foxfire. In the 80's, He played in City Streets a motown group based in Nashville with a RCA recording contract.  The band played all over the south.  Later in the decade, Ben moved to LA  for his professional career and played in a rock/reggae band.  Since moving to Knoxville, He stayed active playing in local bands which have included NorthShore Band and Private Stock.


Ted played in his first band when he was 14 and played in several bands during high school. He joined the Knoxville band Hambone Pie in 1997 and toured the southeast region for several years and recorded the their first CD titled "Come on and Ride".  Ted later formed a jazz fusion group called  The Sebois Project.

In 2011 he formed a classic rock band to do covers.  Hambone Pie, reformed and held a reunion "tour" doing several gigs in 2012 and 13.  Later that year, he was asked to play on some tracks on a CD that the blues band Runaway Sidecar was recording and later joined the band until the bands retirement in late 2015.   In 2016, he joined  Private Stock.


Sarena has been singing all her life. She grew up singing at home and at church.  She started playing clarinet in 4th grade and continued through high school. She taught herself guitar as a senior in HS. She joined the Navy after high school, where she purchased her beloved Ovation Acoustic guitar in 1983 while stationed in Guam.  She played and sang in coffee houses while there.  She sang in church as an adult for many years and continued to play guitar as well.  In 2016, after singing with Steve Caron and his group at the time, at a Christmas party, Steve asked her to join Private Stock as their rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. 


Lead Guitarist,   Nick Spine,  has been a student of the guitar for 40 years. He has a solid background in Rock n' Roll but, enjoys playing all styles of music. Before moving to Knoxville and joining “Uptown Moonlighting” Nick, for 10+ years handled all guitar duties and some singing in the popular Central Florida Trio Midlife Crisis. Nick projects enthusiasm and energy into every song he plays.  In 2018, Nick was contacted by Steve through Band Mix and jams led to joining Uptown Moonlighting.


Steve started playing bass at 15 and played in rock bands throughout high school and college.  While in college, he studied composition and arranging. He also studied classical double bass.  After college, 1980s,  he played in Brockton, MA based bands Strangers in the Night and The Unthinkables.  He also played in the Southeastern Philharmonic Orchestra. He moved to Maine in the 1990's and played in The Bowdoin College Symphony and Christian based band In Good Faith.  Since moving to Knoxville he has played in classic rock bands, The French Connection, 3CD, Caron-Owens-Sise and The Hitmen.  In 2016, he joined Private Stock.


Lead vocalist Elisa Gillespie has been involved in music all her life. She grew up in the NYC area and was involved in band in High School playing percussion.  She was in several projects while obtaining her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Elisa sang professionally in Chicago and Atlanta.  She met Ben Landers in 2013 and was asked to join The Northshore Band.  She was recruited by the band to fill the Lead vocalist/front person post.   

September 29, 2019

September has been a great month for the band. Future gigs have come our way from TN Taphouse with a monthly gig through April of 2020! We always have a great time there and look forward to our next performance in November. We were asked to perform at a private event for the Tellico Village Vintage Vehicles Club in January. We look forward to having fun with the club and our first time in Tellico Village.

September 5, 2019

Tonight we are relocating our practice site to a new location. We call our practice site “the mancave”. Our new site will be the “ManCave 3”. This is the bands 3rd location. Mancave 1, went back to 2013-2015. Ben and Elisa practiced there while in the band “The Northshore Band”. Ben and I started “Private Stock” there in 2016 and invited Ted and Sarena over the year to join the band. In August of 2017, we moved to ManCave 2 and worked Private Stock to its ultimate demise and went through lots of guitar auditions and found Nick in January of 2018 and Elisa joined in March 2018 and we were on our way. Since that time, many good times over the nearly 2 years at the ManCave 2. We even have our “gag” video done from there. We look forward to good times ahead at the ManCave 3 and say goodbye to our good friend Mancave 2.

August 30, 2019

Wow, August was a fun month for us. Tonight will be our 5th gig for the month at Round 6! We had fun at the Waterside Marina Private party on the 3rd. Fun playing for the boaters and the folks listening across the water in the condos. On the 9th and 10th, we had a “double” (Friday and Saturday) Starting with Buckethead Tavern on Friday. Always fun there, with Buckethead himself getting the crowd going. We have several videos on our FB page from the night. Saturday was a great gig at the Historic Loudon Theater. We got to play inside! due to the heat and what a fun night. Check out the videos from that night on FB. The 23rd were we at Smoky Mountain Brewery for a big night on Classic Rock. Lots of fun jamming that night.

july 28,2019

What a phenominal gig last night at the HLT!! We had more than 200 people come out to see us “Groovin on Grove Street. It is truly amazing to play at this venue. The support, the crowd, the Green Room, Mark our sound guy and most of all owner Jerry Ragle. So much fun and can’t wait to August 10 when we will be there again.

july 21, 2019

We played the TN Taphouse on the 19th and had a terrific night of fun and dancing. Had some great guests including the extended Landers family and Rick and Lisa Nipper. Rick is a member of the Jennings Street Band and came down to listen to us. It was a great night and thanks to our superb Wait staff person Shelley, who always takes great care of us.

July 8, 2019

UM had a fun weekend playing a Buckethead Tavern for the first time. Big thanks to Buckethead himself to being a great MC and helping us getting things going. Really fun night, lots of dancing and returning followers, Rusty, Evelyn and Natalie lead the venue in dancing the night away. On Saturday, Bob Dean our guest drummer for the night blew us away with ending the first set with Rock and Roll! We had lots of fun in Pigeon Forge at Smoky Mountain Brewery.

june 30, 2019

Well it is the last day of the month and UM has closed a phenominal month. We had 7 gigs month which is a record for the band. The month started off with a great night at the Historic Loudon Theatre. We literally had folks dancing in the street. Another highlight was our concert on the square at Market Square in downtown Knoxville. Tons of people came out or stopped by and listened to our concert. It was quite an experience. We closed the month with a terrific gig at the TN Taphouse and it will lead to more opportunites to play at this fun venue.

june 18, 2019

We are practicing tonight in anticipation of our performance at the Concerts at the Square at Market Square in Knoxville. We are hoping for improved weather and looking forward to this honor by being selected to perform by the City of Knoxville Special Events.

June 2, 2019

UM thanks Jerry Ragle owner of the Historic Loudon Theatre. It was an amazing gig with a big crown Groovin on Grove Street with us. We actually had folks dancing on Grove Street to “Dancing in the Street”. So much fun, huge crowd truly a special night.

May 26,2019

What a beautiful night on the River at Calhoun’s last night. We had a great crowd and lots of fun.

May 20, 2019

We had a lot of fun in Gatlingburg on Saturday, lots of dancing and singing, we look forward to going back!

May 18, 2019

UM is at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg tonight. It has been quite a while for a few of us to play these great venues in the Copper Cellar chain. We look forward to a great gig and look for continued success.

may 10, 2019

UM has been hired a 2nd time to perform at the TN Taphouse! We had a great time at the Taphouse in April and look forward to performing again on June 29.

May 5, 2019

UM had a huge weekend last week. On Friday the 3rd we played the National Street Rod Association at their South Rally Cruise In at LoKar Performance Parts in Hardin Valley. Check back with us about a video coming from the event, we are sure you will like it. On Saturday, we performed at The Historic Loudon Theatre. We had a fantastic time at this great venue and look forward to our June 1st performance. The HLT is a tremendous place to hear live music and has a wide variety or bands playing there. Check it out at www.historicloudontheatre.com

APRIL 24, 2019

Big news our “private”event for the National Street Rod Assoc on Friday May 3rd has been made open to the public with free admission! We will be playing 4 sets starting at 6 p. Great chance to see some amazing cars, have some food and listen to great MUSIC!

April 21,2019

After many visits and discussions with the owners, UM is proud to announce our first gig at the Tennessee Tap House in West Knox. We will be playing this coming Friday, the 26th starting at 7:30.

April 15, 2019

We are ardently working on our upcoming busy May gigs. We are looking forward to 3 new Event Hosts for us. First is May 3rd where we are playing a Private event for the National Street Rod Assoc. We are looking forward on May 4th to the first of seven nights we are playing at the Historic Loudon Theatre. On May 18th, we are playing in Gatlinburg for the Copper Cellar Restaurant chain at Smoky Mountain Brewery. This is the first of 5 nights we have been hired to play which includes events in Pigeon Forge, Maryville and 2 in Knoxville.

march 27,2019

We have been practicing for our gig on Friday at Round 6. We have planned a whole night of different songs than we played on January 19th gig. Our overall song list has increased to more than 75 songs now and soon may have the ability to play 3 night with no repeats!

march 19,2019

We have been hired for 2 gigs at Buckethead Tavern in Knoxville! We have a July and an August date. UM looks forrward to playing at their outside venue and playing in this location.

march 8, 2019

UM has been hired for a monthly performance at the Historic Loudon Theater. We are now scheduled to perform May 4 and June 1st as announced previously as well as July 27, August 10, Sept 28, Oct 12, and Nov 16. This is a truly outstanding event for UM. The Historic Loudon Theater is an exceptional venue that offers 2 unique settings to hear live music as well as dining. www.historicloudontheatre.com.

february 27, 2019

UM has been hired for two nights at the Historic Loudon Theater in downtown Loudon. We will be performing May 04 and June 1st . We look forward to playing at this great venue.

February 1, 2019

UM has been scheduled to perform in “The Concerts on the Square” series at Market Square, Knoxville. We are set to perform on Thursday June 20th from 7-9. We look forward to being a part of this terrific series of concerts.

january 28, 2019

Our fun continues!, Round 6 Brewery has asked us to perform on February 23. We are going to call the evening a “no repeat” night. So all the songs UM performed on Saturday, January 19 will no be played and 35 or so other songs will be featured. No repeats!

january 22,2019

HUGE News!! UM has just been hired to perform 5 nights for the Copper Cellar restaurant/club chain. We will have 2 nights in Knoxville and gigs in Gatilinburg, Pigeon Forge and Maryville. See our calendar for the specific dates.

JANUARY 7, 2019

We have been hired to perform at Round 6 Brewery on Saturday the 19th. Thanks to the Wesselman’s!

JANUARY 2, 2019

We had a blast ringing in the New Year with the great folks at Hyatt Place, Downtown Knoxville and all the folks that stopped by listened, and celebrate the New Year with us.

december 20, 2018

WOW, huge news, UM has been hired to perform on New Years Eve at the Hyatt Place Hotel on Gay Street, Downtown Knoxville!! Details about starting time etc will be forthcoming.

DECEMBER 8, 2018

UM would like to thank Tennova HC for hiring us to perform at their Christmas Party. We had a lots of fun and really enjoyed the crowd.

december 1, 2018.

The band has hired Terri McPherson Stanley Photography to do some photos and short videos of our upcoming gig at Cherokee CC.

nOVEMBER 21, 2018

We are super excited about being hired to perform at the National Street Rod Association Kickoff Party at the Hotel Knoxville (former Marriott Hotel) in Knoxville.

OCTOBER 5, 2018

Christmas season is starting! We are happy to announce our being hired by Tennova Healthcare through Ogle Entertainment for their annual Christmas Party. We are looking forward to it. Oh, and Merry Christmas to you of course!

september 11,2018

Wow, we had a blast performing for the TN Women’s Council Of Realtors River Cruise. We played while cruising down the TN river on the good ship “Orange Pearl”.

August 21, 2018

We are happy about being hired to do the Fall Festive at NAI Koella RM Moore on Oct. 26.  

August 6, 2018 

We had a great time on Norris Lake playing a Private Party up there at the Waterside Marina.  The night was hot and so was the music.  The band really blew it out to the crowd's approval on I'd rather go Blind.  Hat's off to Elisa, wow what a vocal performance!

JULY 31, 2018  

We are very excited about being hired by Avalon Country Club in Lenoir City for a private function dance on the 25th of August.  Avalon is a beautiful facility and we look forward to rocking the house!

July 26, 2018

We will be performing at The Back Door Tavern in Bearden on Saturday August 11 starting at 7 p!  It is an outdoor summer party so come one, come all and party with us over 3 sets.

July 19, 2018

We are working towards our August 4th gig and adding some new songs. Looking forward to debuting them that night.

july 9, 2018

We had a blast and a great crowd at Round 6 on last Saturday.  Thanks to the Wesselman's for having us in and to everyone who came.  We look forward to our September date.

June 23, 2018 

Uptown Moonlighting is very excited to announce the opportunity to perform for the TN Realtors River Cruise Private Function on September 11.  We are looking forward to kicking off the "pre" convention event. 

June 19, 2018

We are happy to announce being hired to do 2 dates at Round 6 in Maryville.  We'll be performing in their covered outside beer garden.  Dates are July 7 starts at 7:30 and September 21 starts at 7:00.

June 11, 2018

We are proud to announce the release of our Promotional video!  Now you can see it here at our site or FB.


mAY 19, 2018

We had a great time and outing at Just 1 More.  Lots of fun and great hosts as always.  We look forward to playing again in the near future,


April 28, 2018

Seminal gig!

We will be playing at Just 1 More Bar and Grille on May 18th! Man, we are talking a seriously good time. This place has really good food, great staff, and a great selection of drinks. Seriously, check it out! Come hang out and be yourself, dance, have a good time, sing along...


April 25, 2018

Just finished pre-production on our demo soundtrack for the demo video!

Uptown Moonlighting.jpg Final.jpg

Uptown Moonlightin

by Event Horizon

Uptown Moonlighting-Songs

Have You Ever seen the Rain?

Fortunate Son

Bad Moon Rising


We got the beat


Promises in the Dark

Hit me with your Best Shot


Runnin Down a Dream


Dust in the Wind


Straight On

Crazy on You




Where did our love go?

Stop in the Name of Love


Lets Go Crazy


Sweet Home Alabama

Simple Man

Gimme 3 Steps


Open Arms

Lovin Touchin Squeezin

Separate Ways


Gimme Shelter


Some Kind Of Wonderful

Footstompin Music

The Locomotion


What I Like About You


Smooth Operator


You might Be Right


Jenny 867 5309


Can't Get Enough


At Last


Back on the Chain Gang


Blue Bayou

Where did our Love Go?

Heat Wave

Tracks of my Tears


Boogie Shoes

That’s the way I like it


Born to be Wild


Already Gone

Get over it




Chain of Fools




China Grove

Long Train Running


Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Dock of the Bay


Don't stop thinking about Tomorrow


Gold Dust Woman


Good Lovin


Passionate Kisses


Hard to Handle


Hurts So Bad


I Can't Go for That


I Knew

Something to Talk About



I'd Rather Go Blind


Love Shack

B 52'S



Me and Bobbie McGee


Moon dance

Brown Eyed Girl


More than a Feeling


Mustang Sally


Old Time Rock and Roll


Play that Funky Music


Rack Em Up


Rock and Roll


ROCK in the USA

Hurts So Good


Rocky Top


Soak Up the Sun


Summer of 69


Stop Draggin My Heart Around


Suspicious Minds


2 Tickets to Paradise


Twist and Shout


Under the Boardwalk


Wicked Game


Wonderful Tonight